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Everyone says meditate, but what is meditation? And why is meditation important? How is meditation done? Let us know the answers to some such questions!
Meditation is the sixth part of yoga. Meditation is an element that everyone practices automatically, but this rule does not apply to other parts of yoga. Meditation is a state of standing between two worlds.
Definition of meditation: Tatra Pratyayaktnata Dhyanam. 3-2..-Yoga Sutras. That is, where the mind is engaged in it, the unity of instinct is meditation.
Dharana means bringing or holding the mind in one place, but meditation means that where the mind is still, the unity of Vritti is meditation. Being aware of it is meditation.
meaning of meditation
Meditation does not mean concentration. Concentration is done at a fixed point like when sunlight is focused on a single spot through a lens,
But meditation is like the sun that spreads light in all four directions. Usually the attention of common people is very short, but the meditation of yogis is like sunlight, in which everything in the universe is imprisoned.
Meditation is not Kriya: Many people mistake activities for meditation such as Sudarshan Kriya, Transcendental Meditation Kriya and Sahaja Yoga Meditation. You are also making the mistake of thinking of meditation as meditation.
Many gurus or mahatmas tell different methods of meditation, but they do not tell that there is a difference between method and meditation. There is a difference between karma and meditation. Action is a means, not an end. Action is a tool.
Sitting with eyes closed is not meditation. Remembering the idol is also not meditation. Chanting the rosary is not meditation. It is said that meditate on God for five minutes – this is also not meditation, it is remembrance. Meditation is liberation from karma. freedom from thoughts
Nature of Meditation: Innumerable fantasies and thoughts run simultaneously in our mind. Due to this, there is a stir between the mind and the mind. It is not in our control, it goes on continuously.
You are making yourself less weak by constantly thinking. Meditation is to remove unnecessary fantasies and thoughts from the mind and move towards pure and serene silence.
As the meditation deepens, one becomes situated in the witnessing spirit. Even the moment of any emotion, imagination and thought has no effect on him. The primary form of meditation is the silence of the mind and the mind. Thinking, imagining and living in the pleasures and pains of the past is against meditation.
In meditation the senses merge with the mind, the mind with the intellect and the intellect in its own form, the Self. Those who do not understand the sense of witnessing or vision should initially practice meditation with their eyes closed. Then when the practice increases, the eyes are closed or open, the seeker remains attached to his nature.
And finally, in the state of being a witness, he can remain in the state of meditation even while doing some work.

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