what is astrology ?

First of all we will know what astrology is, how it originated.
There are different opinions about astrology, this knowledge is very important. Astrology is the direct evidence of the divine knowledge of our ancient sages.
In the era in which there was complete absence of scientific means like modern era, at that time authentic facts were established by the sages after researching from the divine point of view. His inquisitive nature has revealed to us the wonderful mysteries of the universe. Divine knowledge-rich sages make the past-future-present events of the three periods visible by directing them towards astrology. The mathematical principles of astrology seem to live up to the scientific criteria even in the modern era. The analysis of the relative motion of stars, stars, planets in the sky, their motion and mutual distance proves this. The Kalachakra, which was previously divided into fractions, is the same time today measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds. The knowledge of the time of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse is also known today on the basis of the same calculations. This extraordinary knowledge was discovered centuries ago, later it was limited to a few people, this astrology continued to be used as a livelihood, to which orthodox superstitions were also added by selfish people, due to which this wonderful knowledge was condemned Is. Even today some people do not believe in it but it is not possible to deny its direct effect. The effect of the truth of ‘Pratyaksham Jyotish Shastra’ can be seen all over the world today. Today, various aspects of astrology are being exposed at national and international level through research seminars, workshops etc. Which can be seen directly by participating in itself. In this unit you will study the elements of astrology through etymology-definition etc.
In the next post, the originators of astrology will describe in detail about the Acharyas.

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